I am a full stack web developer, classically trained in object-oriented programming, who likes to write universal javascript, with extensive experience building the backend of web-connected properties. I have a diverse set of skills writing in the serverside languages C#, PHP, Javascript, and the clientside languages HTML, Javascript, CSS, TypeScript, including the database languages mysql, MSSQL, and Mongodb. I currently work on WordPress applications using React and specialize in updating broken legacy applications to headles/rendered/restful/progressive modern applications.


I am a writer; I write in human languages and in machine languages. I like writing poetry and short stories. I like writing blogs and reflecting upon my personal experience. I have written different blogs over the years trying to find out where my niche is. I have been building a universe for a novel that I want to write entirely in javascript. I have some odd ideas.

I am a maker; I woodwork, weld metal, solder electronics, program microcontrollers, and I like to find projects that combines these skills. I have a desire to create kinetic water art installations.

I'm an adventurer; I like to go biking, hiking, backpacking, and traveling to remote areas to connect with the natural world and I find those experiences to be invaluable. I like to believe that life happens in between the moments that you plan for, and I actively seek out adventures that will grow who I am as a person with those around me.

I'm a contributor; I contribute to a range of projects in various capacities by writing open source code and submitting pull requests on GitHub, by being a member of cycling related non-profit organizations in the Pacific Northwest, by First Doing Nothing and providing peer support while participating in artful events both local and international {|;).



I am employed as a full-time Senior Software Engineer with the Nerdery, remotely based out of Nevada. I contribute to architecture design, management, development, and more. While working at the Nerdery I have been assigned to large system projects for fortune 100 companies, implementing MonoRepos and DevOps solutions in addition to code features on full stack nodejs projects using Angular and VueJs.


I have a passion for helping people with technology and software solutions, my goal is to help people do what they are already doing more efficiently. I like building entire applications for fun, but realize that a lot of people just need something quick and easy, so I'm open to short term projects as well as long term solutions.

BikeTag.Org is a project that I started with a friend back in 2018 after they approached me with an app idea. The idea was simple: create a tool to play the game of BikeTag easier than it was currently being played. So that year we launched a tool that uploaded two images (found it tag, new mystery location) and provided fields for credit and a hint for the next round. That project continues to evolve and we have successfully scaled the project to include 7 cities across the world including: Indianapolis, Indiana, Inverness, Scotland, and Vienna, Austria! I started this endeavor as an entirely open source project. You can see how that project is managed on GitHub, here.

In 2021 I became the author and maintainer of the npm project imgur, a project I had been contributing to for several years, when the original author passed the project on for continued active development. I have since released imgur@2.0.0 which is a newly isomorphic library written in TypeScript. I am happy to be part of such a project and I look forward to contributing to Free and Open-Source Software any moment I can.

Most of the work I do is behind the scenes, which means that the better job I do the more unlikely you are to be able to notice it. I have a mind for the functional and when I connect technologies, they just work. I am actively growing my skills on the artistic, aesthetically pleasing, and streamlined aspects of UX with software and am a student of the sciences of human-computer interaction.




Began writing poems at the age of 12 in 1999.
Started writing code two years later in 2001.
Schooled for 8 years between 2002-2010.
Worked at a web development agency in 2010.
Worked at a SAAS application company in 2012.
Freelanced full time and went traveling in 2014.
Dedicated life to Open Source software in 2016.
Worked at a digital media publication in 2018.
Digital nomad, full time, 100% remote, and travelling the globe in 2020. writing code indoors, mostly.


I began writing code at the age of 14, making scripts for IRC and playing around with HTML. In highschool, my code writing took a journey from BASIC to Pascal to C and finally C++. While my college career was focused heavily on the Microsoft stack, I also learned how to program microcontrollers, Xbox games, and got my first introduction to the web of client-server with PHP. I chose a career in Software Engineering because I recognized that designing and writing applications was something I had enough passion in to carry forward into the later part of my life with infinite passion. I am a maker, a tinkerer, a person who likes to see how things are designed and marvel at just how much machines can accomplish with such elegant engineering.

My first experience in the industry was with a web development agency in downtown Portland, Oregon. I was working on an ASP.NET CMS framework that was in use by several clients for their e-commerce websites. A year later the agency dissolved and I quickly formed my own LLC to be able to freelance my skills and talents. Determined to continue to be a part of a dev team I began working for a product company, also on the .NET stack, and was brought onto their systems team to focus on their web portal. Following my time with that company I decided to put my full time efforts into contracting and working remotely, so I started working with another agency on a couple of Wordpress/PHP projects and went traveling.

When I returned to Portland, in 2016, I had learned enough to know that being on a team was important to me. I had been looking to open source my development projects and was keen on finding a team of others who also shared the open source mindset, thus I found myself at another web development agency in downtown working on projects using nodejs with javascript both on the server and client side. I have to say that I am in love with single language development stacks! Now, whenever I start a new project I advocate for it being open source and I dedicate my life to a balance between working in an office and working outside of an office.

Portland is great and Oregon will always be home to me. I had joined the Clevertech team in 2019 and finally enjoyed the freedom, autonomy, and balance I have long sought in my career. While working from home for most of 2020, and seeing the world change, I took the time to invest in the open source projects that I was passionate about. Now, as a senior developer, I am seeking to change how open source is percieved by clients and to change how IP is automagically awarded in my industry. I desire to see library code freed from the private and proprietary grips of companies who have no interest in evolving the code and to see original author accreditations go to those who put fingers to keyboards.