I love to design applications, write poetry, ride my bicycle, hike to hot springs, backpack through forests, take candid photographs, and talk about the intersection of technology and psychology. I also volunteer my time and energy to various projects throughout the year.

I live in Nevada and volunteer a lot of my time to the Black Rock Desert and those who chose to visit our tiny little city on the edge of the USA's first National Conservation Area. I like to run around in my Khaki 4Runner to explore old mines and try to find new trails to ride bikes on. I also enjoy shooting a lot of pool and staring at the night skies out here.

Ken Eucker

Ken Eucker

Software Engineer

I am a Software Engineer, classically trained in object-oriented programming, who likes to write universal javascript, with extensive experience building the backend of web-connected properties.

I have a wide range of skills writing in the serverside languages TypeScript, Javascript, PHP, C#, and the clientside languages HTML, Javascript, CSS, TypeScript, including the database languages mysql, MSSQL, GraphQL, and Mongodb.

I primarily work with node applications and node built front-end projects at the moment. Previously to this I was working on WordPress projects migrating to React front-end experiences.


Kendrid Spirit

Black Rock Ranger

Throughout my career, I have dedicated a significant amount of time to volunteering for various organizations, communities, and online groups. In 2016, I joined the team of Rangers at SOAK, Portland's regional Burning Man event. As a Ranger, I provided peer support and emergency response to participants. In 2019, I attended Burning Man for the third time and became a Black Rock Ranger. Since then, I have returned to Burning Man annually to serve as a Black Rock Ranger, a role I am committed to continuing in the future.

In 2022 I started working the entire Burning Man season as a DPW Ranger. For six months out of the year, I live in and work with the Burning Man staff and community in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.




Senior Software Engineer

June 2021 - January 2023


March 2018 - Present
Burning Man Project

Burning Man Project

Black Rock Ranger

Aug 2019 - Present


Board Member, Committee Member of the Code of Conduct committee Board Member

July 2018 - May 2021 - 2 yrs 11 mos


html for 10+ years
css3 for 10+ years
javascript for 10+ years
vue for 3 years
react for 5 years
graphql for 1 year
prisma for one year
mongodb for 4 years
php for 10+ years
nodejs for 10+ years
liquidjs for 2 years
typescript for 4 years
Vite for 3 years
postgresql for 10+ years
mysql for 10+ years
redis for 2 years
dotnet for 4 years
mssql for 4 years
git for 10+ years
c sharp for 4 years
coffeescript for one year









  • Began writing poems at the age of 12 in 1999.
  • Started writing code two years later in 2001.
  • Schooled for 8 years between 2002-2010.
  • Worked at a web development agency in 2010.
  • Worked at a SAAS application company in 2012.
  • Freelanced full time and went traveling in 2014.
  • Dedicated career to Open Source software in 2016.
  • Worked at a digital media publication in 2018.
  • Went full-time digital nomad, 100% remote, in 2020.
  • Worked at a digital product consultancy in 2022.

I am a software engineer with a passion for programming that began when I was 14 years old. Throughout my education and career, I have learned a range of programming languages, including BASIC, Pascal, C, C++, PHP, and ASP.NET, and have applied my skills to projects in web development, microcontroller programming, and game development.

I have a diverse background in the tech industry, having worked at web development agencies, product companies, and as a freelancer. I am particularly interested in open source development and have made it a focus of my work. In my current role as a senior developer, I am committed to promoting the use of open source projects and ensuring that original authors are credited for their contributions.

In 2021, I made the decision to embrace a nomadic lifestyle, both in my career and personal life. I currently live in a 22-foot airstream travel trailer and am committed to maintaining a balance between stability and flexibility in my professional endeavors.


I am available for hire on remote contracts only, to get in touch please send me an email: